About Specialty Consultants, LLC



Gary Curl spent a quarter-century developing products, marketing, and managing businesses in the specialty products arena ‚ÄĒ giving him a foundation of understanding and insight few other consultants can match.




Rich Kalik adds 20+ years of progressive experience within the specialty markets, while holding roles in the Marketing, Sales, Communications, and Logistics disciplines.


Specialty Consultants is the only firm that focuses exclusively on the unique complexities and challenges that drive the specialty products industry. Gary and Rich personally know the players, the products, and the marketplace -- and that knowledge can go a long way toward building your business.


Specialty Consultants offers a clear-eyed vision of where your industry is headed. That truly makes Specialty Consultants an invaluable resource for your business.


Specialty Consultants brings something extra to the equation -- exceptional service. We're always on call for every Specialty Consultants client. We want you to maximize your relationship with Specialty Consultants. After all, that's just good business.